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The Seven Heads Are Seven Kings

Seven Hills of Jerusalem

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In the seventeenth chapter of the Apocalypse, the angel began to unveil the identity of the beast by saying: “The seven heads are seven mountains,[1] on which the woman sits” (Revelation 17:9). That is, she rests or finds her life in these seven heads. Much has been said by Biblical scholars to show that Rome was built upon seven hills (or mountains), thereby seeking to substantiate their futuristic conclusions about the Apocalypse. After all, Rome wasn’t destroyed in the first century AD, so the Apocalypse must have been written with a view toward some point in time far into the future. Nevertheless, there were other cities in the ancient world that were built upon seven mountains or hills. Jerusalem was one of those cities.[2] Read the rest of this entry »


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The Beast that Was and Is Not and Yet Is!

Great Harlot

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In Revelation 17:8 the angel first addressed the mystery or secret (identity) of the beast, telling John that what he saw “was, and is not, and shall ascend out of the bottomless pit…” But, what does this mean? It would be difficult to offer an answer to this question without descending into subjectivity to some degree. Certainly, many of the current interpretations of the beast of Revelation 17 and its heads are purely subjective, and are without any objective merit whatsoever. Trying to make the beast to mean a resurrected Holy Roman Empire, which was never “holy” nor was it “Roman” nor was it even an “empire” in the strictest sense, is without any objective value. Read the rest of this entry »

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