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The Unbelief of the Disciples

Unbelief of the disciples

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The Apostles and the other (male) disciples of Jesus simply wouldn’t believe the testimony of the women (Mark 16:11), for the same reason they couldn’t believe Jesus’ testimony that he would rise again the third day(Matthew 16:21-22; cf. John 12:34). They simply had no context in their worldview where such an understanding would fit (Mark 9:31-32), and they were afraid to ask Jesus to clear up their ignorance. Therefore, they considered the report of the women nothing more than idle tales (Luke 24:11). The Greek word (G3026) is used only here in the New Testament, but it is used in secular literature as a medical term for delirium or hysteria. Read the rest of this entry »

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Zacchaeus’ Testimony

Zacchaeus - 4

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There is little doubt that the they in the text at Luke 19:7 refers to the Pharisees and possibly scribes who might also have been curious enough to watch what Jesus did, as he passed through Jericho. Certainly, both groups were critical of Jesus in the past (Luke 5:30; 6:7; cf. 11:53), and there is no reason to believe Jesus’ critics were the common people (John 7:26). The Greek word used for murmured (G1234) is used only in Luke and then only at 15:2 and 19:7, and at Luke 15:2 it points to the scribes and Pharisees. However, this same Greek word is used in the Septuagint for those who murmured against Moses and Aaron (Exodus 15:24; 16:2, 7-8; 17:3; Numbers 14:2). It is also used of those who brought back a bad report of the Promised Land (Numbers 14:36), so the murmuring on these occasions was done by the leaders of Israel. Read the rest of this entry »

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Luke’s Apparent Eyewitness Testimony!

When we consider the reasoning among the Apostles in Luke 9:46 and John’s statement in Luke 9:49, we are forced to ask: which mission was more important: sending out the Twelve (Luke 9:1-6) or sending out the Seventy (Luke 10:1-16)? Nevertheless, we must conclude that neither is more important than the other (1Corinthains 3:4-6). Having said this, to what might we account for the greater detail we find in Luke 10:1-12 when it is compared to Luke 9:1-6? Read the rest of this entry »


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Atheism – Evidence

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Perhaps this video (HERE) contains Chris’ most abstract confessions in this series that show why and how he rejected his Christian worldview. Chris asks: “How do I know what is real? Why do I believe what I believe? What am I justified to believe?” He then explains how these questions help him draw conclusions about reality. He compares different personal perceptions and concludes that the more evidence he has for a particular idea the greater the possibility is for it being true (real). On the other hand, the less evidence one has for an idea, the less value one should place upon that perception. Social pressures have their value in helping us navigate within and be nurtured by our cultural climate, but they have no real value in determining ultimate truth or justification of a belief. Read the rest of this entry »

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Deconversion – Personal Relationships

Caine Mutiny

Scene from ‘The Caine Mutiny’ (from Google Images)

Chris, the young atheist whose recordings I’ve been discussing, claims in his next two videos, Deconversion—Personal Relationship (part 1 & part 2) that he had been taught from his youth onward to see God in everything, “any miraculous event, any scientific wonder, any mathematical intricacy, any fortuitous personal action—all were assigned ownership to God. God was the source of all beauty, all power and all knowledge.” Anything Chris experienced, whether good or bad, was because of him. Read the rest of this entry »

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Death’s Testimony of Faith

Why does it take Moses twenty verses to say that Sarah died and was buried? This seems quite odd, but, as we prayerfully look deeper, we begin to see more of the things hidden from a cursory read as well as the secrets they hold for us. Sarah is the only woman whose age is recorded at her death, and only she, above all other women, is given as a model for the New Testament Church (1Peter 3:5-6).

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Paul Taken to Felix

In my previous post I wrote of Paul taken by the Jews from the Temple, wherein they believed he had taken gentiles in order to pollute their Holy Place. They would have killed him, but the chief captain of the Roman guard at the Antonia sent a centurion with his men to take Paul by force (Acts 21:28-32).

The Roman captain allowed Paul to speak to the Jews and at first he was able to make a defense before the multitude, until he witnessed to them that the Lord, Jesus, sent him to the gentiles (Acts 22:21-22). When he told the Jews of this, the Romans again had to rescue him, and the captain would have beaten him to tell why the Jews wanted to kill him, but after he found out Paul was a Roman citizen he decided to tell the high priest to call the full Sanhedrin together the next day to examine Paul (Acts 22:24-30). However, when Paul began to testify before the Jewish court and recognizing both that the high priest was against him and that the court was divided among Pharisees and Sadducees (the party of the high priest), he announced he was a Pharisee, himself, and brought into question over his belief in the resurrection. This divided the court—the one part wanting to kill him, but the other wanting to save him, and again the chief captain of the Antonia had to send men among the Jewish crowd to rescue Paul, for he feared the two parties would have pulled him apart (Acts 23:1-10). Read the rest of this entry »

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