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Trouble in the Church of Ephesus

Trouble in Ephesus

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When he left Ephesus for Macedonia Paul left Timothy behind with authority to oversee the church there (1Timothy 1:3). So, Timothy was left to confront certain believers who had a tendency to teach in a manner contrary to the way of Paul (1Timothy 1:3). Later Paul met with the leaders of the churches of Asia, including Ephesus, when he was making his final voyage to Jerusalem. He told the elders to really consider the positions they had been given in the church by the Holy Spirit, and feed those entrusted to them (Acts 20:29). Paul warned that after he left, men would enter the church who would have no love for the brethren. Rather, they would scatter the church, abuse the brethren and become a burden to them (Acts 20:30). Even men of their own number would arise to teach false doctrines in order to gather a following after themselves (Acts 20:30). Read the rest of this entry »

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A Plan Sensitive to the Spirit of God

I often wonder if Biblical scholars actually believe Jesus is Lord of anything or, for that matter, Lord of anyone. I suppose, since many Biblical scholars don’t even believe in God, it is not surprising that these otherwise dedicated men and women see so many contradictions between Paul’s letters and Luke’s Acts. Nevertheless, I agree with the contemporary wisdom of a seldom quoted man—at least not in scholarly circles: “Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple.”[1] Read the rest of this entry »

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Paul Returns to Galatia

As noted in a previous blog, Barnabas and Paul split up. Barnabas took Mark and sailed off to Cyprus where he and Paul originally began the first leg of what turned out to be a Galatian evangelistic effort. Paul took Silas and went to Galatia over land by way of Cilicia and the Taurus mountains. Whether or not they intended to meet in one of the Galatian cities is not mentioned in the text, but since Luke never mentions Paul returning to Cyprus to strengthen the churches there, Barnabas and he probably decided to cover different territories. Read the rest of this entry »

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Summing up Paul’s 2nd Missionary Journey

What had begun as a questionable operation with Paul and Barnabas splitting up (Acts 15:36-39), turned out to be a very profitable work for the Lord. Paul took Silas with him to Galatia where he encouraged and strengthened the brethren who had been the victims of a subversive operation by the party of the circumcision out of Jerusalem. It was here that Paul met Timothy, part of the firstfruits of his 1st missionary journey (Acts 16:1-3). Timothy joined Paul and Silas as they departed Galatia, intending to take the Gospel to the province of Asia. Nevertheless, God had other plans and through a vision (Acts 16:9), Paul and company travelled through Asia to Troas and set sail across the Aegean Sea to bring the Gospel to Macedonia. Read the rest of this entry »

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Why Was Timothy Circumcised?

As we say good-by to Barnabas in Acts and leave the Jerusalem council behind, we find Paul and Silas on their way in Paul’s second missionary journey to the Galatian area. Silas must have been a great asset to Paul’s ministry at this particular time, because of his leadership at Jerusalem. Any argument that Hellenistic Jewish believers may have had with Paul’s Gospel not being in agreement with that of the Apostles would have been considerably undermined with his presence with Paul. Therefore, Paul’s arguments in his most recent letter to them (The Epistle to the Galatians), would be vindicated with the coming of Silas. Read the rest of this entry »


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