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The Heavens Being on Fire?

Heavens on Fire

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In the ancient Jewish Temple, which was burned up and destroyed in 70 AD, there was a veil that hung between the Holy Place, which was the place where the priests ministered, and the Most Holy Place, which was understood to be the dwelling place of God or the place of his Presence. Josephus describes the Temple, its stones, its room, its furniture etc in his two great histories of the Jews. In his first work, Wars of the Jews, he described the temple that Herod built, and he tells us that the things found in the Temple, the altar of incense, the lampstand, and the table of shewbread, all had mystical or religious significance. Even the veil separating the two holy rooms of the building had a mystical significance—its colors, its embroidery, and its composition, all had a religious meaning. Read the rest of this entry »

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God or Naturalism—The Evidence

from Google Images

from Google Images

In two videos Re: Refuting Atheistic Naturalism Part 1 (HERE) and Part 2 (HERE), Chris addressed the arguments of another You Tube advocate in an effort to counter the statements he made against Chris’ worldview. I believe the point made against naturalism was that the only evidence a naturalist could gather to support his worldview could be found only in our own universe. Strong, physical and objective evidence cannot be sought or found outside our universe. One may postulate about membranes colliding together and causing the Big Bang that resulted in our universe (as Chris does HERE), but that is all it would be—a postulation, based upon the best guesses he could make about the universe we see and experience every day. Read the rest of this entry »

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The Big Bang

The Big Bang Theory (Image from Google Images)

The Big Bang Theory
(Image from Google Images)

The Big Bang Theory is currently considered to be the best explanation for our universe among most naturalists and even some creationists (although creationists would have a different perspective of it). It is not universally accepted among scientists, but it is the most popular among that community of scholars. According to this theory, the entire universe exploded into existence somewhere between 16 and 20 billion years ago. What exploded? Well, I’m not trying to ridicule the scientists who offer it as their best explanation for the presence of our universe, but the fact remains that what is basically taught to our children in school is that technically nothing exploded out of nowhere, but nothing created somewhere to put everything that came from nothing out of nowhere. Read the rest of this entry »

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