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Human Sacrifice and Jephthah’s Daughter

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Richard Dawkins realizes that Christian apologists do interpret Genesis 22 differently than he does, and he abhors what we claim.[1] If he didn’t, what sense would his book, The God Delusion, make, and, perhaps more to the point, what profit could he ever make in commercializing God in a negative style? With the Abraham-and-Isaac event behind him, he goes on to tell us of another human sacrifice in the book of Judges: Read the rest of this entry »


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Paul in Chains

Paul had agreed to seek to rectify the slanderous report made against him that he was a renegade Jew, i.e. that he was teaching Jews of the Diaspora to forsake the Law of Moses by not walking according to the manner of the Torah and by ceasing to circumcise their children (Acts 21:21-24). When his seven-day service was nearly complete, Jews from the province of Asia saw Paul in the Temple and stirred up the people against him and seized him with the intent to kill him (Acts 21:27-28, 31). Read the rest of this entry »

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What Was Paul’s Vow?

The city of Corinth is part of an isthmus  about 5 miles wide, which had two harbors. Its western harbor, Lechea, was on the western side of the Grecian peninsula and faced the Adriatic Sea, while its eastern seaport, Cenchrea, faced the Aegean Sea on the eastern side of the peninsula, where the church at Corinth was founded (Romans 16:1). We are told in Acts 18:18 that Paul shaved his head at Cenchrea, because he had a vow, but what was Paul’s vow? The text doesn’t say, but I think we can gain some insight, if we consider what happened to Paul during his visit to the Roman province of Achaia. Read the rest of this entry »


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