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The Importance of Prayer

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The Scriptures show us that prayer is a powerful and extremely important form of communication with God. Nevertheless, most folks today seem to neglect to make prayer the important part of their lives that it should be. The Apostles seem to have been impressed with the effect of Jesus’ own prayers and came to Jesus in Luke 11:1, asking him to teach them to pray, just as John the Baptist had taught his disciples. Aside from this Scripture, we have no knowledge of John’s prayers or how they may have affected his disciples, but, apparently, just as Jesus’ prayers were powerful, John must have been a powerful prayer warrior. So, the Apostles came to Jesus, apparently hoping they could, also, enter into this kind of powerful activity. Read the rest of this entry »

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Child Sacrifice in Ancient Israel?

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A number of Biblical critics believe that child sacrifice was both practiced in ancient Israel, and such a thing was not only approved but even commanded by God. While it may be true that child sacrifice was practiced at times in ancient Israel, it can be shown that it was never given God’s approval. On the contrary, God abhorred such activity.[1] Richard Dawkins is one who believes such things were committed in ancient Israel and even commanded by the God of the Bible. Read the rest of this entry »

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