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Judging the Skeptics


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We are all responsible for the choices we make, whether good or evil. Life is not a game, and we don’t get a redo or a second chance to choose differently once our choice has been made and lived out. Some of us have been gifted with a great deal of responsibility in that such people are the movers and shakers of our world. These, because they have been given so much, much will be expected of them (Luke 12:48). Most of the rest of us will be judged more lightly, but in the end everyone’s works and the choices he has made will be judged by God. It behooves us, therefore, to consider Jesus’ words. After all, if he truly is who he claims to be, we shall be judged by what we believe about him and by the choices we make due to the high or low esteem in which we hold him. Read the rest of this entry »

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When Herod Became Aware of Jesus


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While the Apostles were going through at least part of the region of Galilee, and perhaps Peraea, preaching the Gospel of the Kingdom and doing miracles of healing and casting out demons, they caused quite a commotion. Herod Antipas, the tetrarch of that region, received reports concerning what occurred. If Jesus was unknown to Herod prior to the Apostles’ expedition, he certainly became aware of Jesus at this time, due to the fuss that was raised by the people in his jurisdiction, as that commotion pertained to the Apostles’ ministry among them (Luke 9:7). This is the same Herod who beheaded John the Baptist, and it is also he to whom Jesus was sent by Pilate on the day Jesus was crucified (Luke 22:6-7). Read the rest of this entry »

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No Greater Prophet


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After John’s disciples left to return to John with a message from Jesus (Luke 7:24), Jesus turned to the people who remained. They seemed to have been aware of the fact that John questioned the direction of Jesus’ ministry, and it seemed obvious that he had expressed some displeasure in what Jesus was and was not doing. Some of those people may have been offended with John’s request, but Jesus was not. Therefore, Jesus turned to the people and asked them why they went out of the cities in order to hear John. What did they expect to find? They could not have expected to find someone tossed by the wind (Luke 7:24), because John wasn’t fickle with words. That is, people couldn’t take John’s words to mean anything they interpreted them to mean (cf. 1Corinthians 1:17). They knew John wasn’t double-minded. They knew he wasn’t tossed and carried away by every wind of doctrine (James 1:6-8). Read the rest of this entry »

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Am I a Stepping Stone or a Stumbling Block?

In Romans 14 and part of 15 Paul is intent on telling us that we shouldn’t be critical of one another, but to become as Christ. He didn’t come to please himself, but for the very purpose of suffering under the insults of those who seem to be against God. If I am living my Christian life in such a way that I am an impediment to another’s progress in Christ, I have become a stumbling block to my brother. It is not what I know that really counts with God, but whether or not I am willing to be walked on, if necessary, for the sake of Christ. Read the rest of this entry »

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