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The Would-be Followers of Jesus


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As Jesus journeyed toward Jerusalem, a certain man volunteered to follow him wherever he went (Luke 9:57). According to Matthew, this certain man (Luke 9:57) was a Jewish scribe / rabbi (Matthew 8:19-20). News of Jesus’ victories at Jerusalem during the Feast of Tabernacles seemed to make Jesus untouchable. Many of the rulers of the synagogues believed on Jesus, but they feared to publicly announce their positions for fear of ostracism and their positions in the synagogue being taken away by the Pharisees and other Jewish authorities (cf. John 12:42-43). Nevertheless, news of Jesus healing a man born blind and a child born a demoniac seemed to turn the tide of public opinion. Even the authorities began to think Jesus was now unstoppable. Therefore, there was no time like the present to stand with him. Who would dare say or do anything against Jesus now? Read the rest of this entry »


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