The Throne Room in Heaven

Messianic Throne 3In the fourth chapter of the Apocalypse John is invited to enter an open door leading to heaven. Immediately, he was in the Spirit, and he saw things, which he, evidently, had trouble describing. He saw a throne, but he doesn’t describe the throne. He also spoke of one sitting on the throne, but of whom does he speak? He mentioned seeing 24 elders, but who are they? Suddenly we leave the more descriptive scene of Asia, where we found seven churches, and we find ourselves an unfamiliar place, which, though commanding a sense of awe, is, nonetheless, strange and mysterious. However, as we recall what was said at the beginning of the book (Revelation 1:1), we are able to sense a promise to unveil or reveal to our understanding what John finds so difficult to describe.

Revelation 4 & 5

  1. The Throne Room
  2. Ascending to the Open Door
  3. Pre-Trib Rapture–A False Doctrine
  4. Caught Up to the Third Heaven
  5. Jesus, Our Judge and High Priest
  6. God Almighty in Revelation 4
  7. The Twenty-Four Elders
  8. The Glassy Sea
  9. The Four Beasts
  10. The Book With the Seven Seals
  11. Who Is Worthy to Open the Book?
  12. The Angel’s Rhetorical Question
  13. The One Who Sits Upon the Throne
  14. God Almighty in Revelation 5
  15. The Praise of the Redeemed
  16. Worthy Is the Lamb!

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