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There are a lot of folks who believe in Jesus who don’t believe he is God. I don’t wish to judge these people as not being Christian, because I believe Jesus’ Salvation is more important than having one’s theology in perfect order. He was greatly misunderstood during his ministry, yet his mercy extended beyond his closest disciples. I trust it extends to these as well, because I believe I’ve noticed marks of the Holy Spirit dwelling in them too. If this is so, it is not for me to judge them for their doctrines. Yet, many brethren will, and that is between them and our Savior.

Below you will find a number of pages which in turn will offer a number of studies according to the categories found here. I invite all who come here to read and offer comments in support of what I’ve claimed or to correct my point of view. I’ll try to respond as clearly and as friendly as I am able in Christ to do. May the Lord bless all who come here and guide us all to consider these things without judging one another.

  1. Biblical Unitarianism & Low Christology
  2. Is Jesus God? (from my discussions with Jehovah’s Witnesses)
  3. John’s Prologue (from my perspective)
  4. God and Messiah in Ancient Jewish Literature
  5. Did Jesus Ever Claim to Be God?

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