We Would See Jesus

We Would See JesusI have done a series of blogs about seeing God. I didn’t understand at the beginning how this study would affect me, but it has touched me like no other has in recent memory. Perhaps others would be blessed through meditating upon this subject as well. Therefore, I’ve made each blog on the subject of seeing God available on the menu bar. I got the idea from a book I bought years ago entitled We Would See Jesus by Roy and Revel Hession. I have read it several times and am reading it again. The general outline of my blogs have thus far followed the chapters of the book, but I hesitate to say the authors would fully support the conclusions I’ve drawn. In some cases they would, but I don’t think in all, because we do have doctrinal differences. Some of the Scriptures the authors used caused me to think of other Scriptures not contained in the book. This caused me to approach the subject of seeing God from different angles than the book did. I will add to it as time permits, and as the Lord permits me to see him. Thus far he has used to authors of this wonderful book to excite my heart and mind. I pray he will continue to do so. May the reader be as blessed as I believe God has blessed me while meditating upon seeing him.


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