Book Studies

Book Studies - 1

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I enjoy writing about my studies of the books of the Bible, as well as how I perceive the intent of the writers of some of today’s Christian literature. I hope anyone who drops by to read my blog will enjoy what I’ve written and perhaps find it inspiring or challenging. Maybe you would like to leave a comment telling me what you like or how you believe I should correct my point of view. Either way, I desire to know what you might have to say. I’ll try to respond as clearly and as friendly as I am able in Christ to do. Lord bless all who come here to read and consider what they find.

Biblical Books:

  1. The Gospel of Luke
  2. Notes on John’s Gospel
  3. The Book of Acts (my first whole book study)
  4. The Book of Acts (my second and more in depth study)
  5. Acts – Jesus Ascension to Stephen’s Death
  6. Acts – Stephen’s Death to the Famine of 48-49 CE
  7. Galatians (my first study)
  8. Paul’s Letter to the Galatians (my second and more in depth study)
  9. The General Epistles
  10. Peter’s Epistles



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