Measuring the Temple of God


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An interesting point about the Temple of God is that Josephus, the first century Jewish historian, tells us the veil that hung over the entrance to the Holy Place had embroidered upon it all the constellations of the Zodiac, just the stars, not the animal or human figures. It was meant to remind one that “heaven” (the dwelling place of God) lay within.

In Revelation 11:1-2 John was given the task of measuring the Temple of God. He was given a reed to use as a measuring rod, but the rest of the chapter seems to tell us only what the angel told John. Then, the seventh trumpet was blown in Revelation 11:15 and John described that in the concluding four verses. So, when did John measure the Temple and how was that recorded in the Apocalypse? I believe the next five chapters, 12 through 16, show how John did what he was told to do. It is in these chapters that John identifies the people of God, separating them, as it were, to God. On the other hand, he casts out those who were not found in the House (the Temple building). In other words and in the context of what he was commanded to do, John “measures” or identifies those who were in the Temple (Revelation 11:1), and casts out those who were not (Revelation 11:2).

  1. The Woman Who Brought Forth the Child _______________ Revelation 12
  2. The Sign of the Dragon
  3. The Child Who Would Rule All Nations
  4. There Was War in Heaven
  5. Now Is Come Salvation…
  6. Measuring the House of God
  7. The Dragon and His Seven Heads
  8. The Dragon Had But a Short Time
  9. The Birth of the Beast of Revelation 13 _________________ Revelation 13
  10. The Beast with Seven Heads
  11. The Beast’s Great Power and Authority
  12. Healing the Deadly Wound
  13. Who Is Able to Fight the Beast?
  14. A Mouth Full of Blasphemy
  15. Over Whom Did the Beast Reign?
  16. The Second Beast of Revelation 13
  17. The False Prophet
  18. Who Is the False Prophet of the Apocalypse
  19. Lying Wonders of the False Prophet
  20. Giving Life to the Image to the Beast
  21. What Is the Image to the Beast?
  22. The Mark
  23. The Number of the Beast
  24. The Lamb and the 144,000 ___________________________ Revelation 14
  25. Harpers Harping with their Harps
  26. The Firstfruits to God and to the Lamb
  27. Those Who Preach the Gospel
  28. Babylon Is Fallen
  29. Judgment
  30. The War Waged Against the Saints
  31. The Harvest
  32. The Son of Man and a Sharp Sickle
  33. Reaping the Clusters of the Vine
  34. Babylon, the Ancient Land of Israel
  35. The Cup of His Indignation ___________________________ Revelation 15
  36. The Glassy Sea
  37. The Song of the Lamb
  38. The Temple of the Tabernacle of Witness
  39. The Glory of God Filled the Temple
  40. The First Bowl and the Grievous Sore __________________ Revelation 16
  41. The Second Bowl and the Sea
  42. The Third Bowl and the Troubled Fountain
  43. The Fourth Bowl and the Great Heat
  44. The Fifth Bowl and Darkness
  45. The Fifth Bowl and the Seat of the Beast
  46. The Sixth Bowl and the Euphrates
  47. The Sixth Bowl and the Three Unclean Spirits
  48. The Seventh Bowl and the Air
  49. The Seventh Bowl and the Cities of the Nations

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