The Gospel According to Luke

from Google Images

from Google Images

I love to read all the Gospel accounts, but over the years I have come to favor the Gospel of Luke above the other three. Perhaps I favor It because I led a Sunday School class on this Gospel, or maybe it is because I really loved studying the book of Acts and led a Sunday School class on it, and simply like how Luke writes. All I know is that I really love the Gospel accounts, and I favor Luke above the others.

It has been a delight going through Luke’s Gospel once again after so many years since my study of it for Sunday School. I have been able to spend much more time on it this time, because I’ve since retired and get to do so much more that I really want to do. I’ve attached some earlier studies in this Gospel that were already published, but had no other means of finding them except through specific searches. They will appear here in these pages in their proper order.

As always, I hope that my thrill in studying and learning more about Jesus and his ministry is able to touch others, as well. Perhaps what I say here will be the impetus to embark the reader on his or her own study of this wonderful book. I hope so. May the Lord bless all who come here to read.


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