The Necessity of a Blood Ransom

I have discussed the idea of Jesus blood ransom on the cross with a number of folks over the intenet on at least two discussion boards. I have discussed it with agnostics, Jews and people of other faiths. Through it all I have had to dig into the Scriptures to show that the Bible does, indeed, teach that blood is necessary for salvation, and there is no salvation without it. Below is a series of blogs I wrote to show this very thing. I invite folks who drop by here to read and offer another point of view, if it pleases, and for my part I’ll try to respond as clearly and as friendly as possible.

  1. Blood Ransom
  2. Original Sin
  3. There is None Righteous
  4. There Is No Escape
  5. No Atonement Without Blood
  6. Does God Prefer Mercy… Over Blood Sacrifice?
  7. Can Money Buy Eternal Life?
  8. Can Atonement Come Without Blood Sacrifice?
  9. David’s Example of Blood Atonement
  10. Reconsidering Two Matters
  11. Blood Sacrifice – The Exception

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