Is There a Hell?

Inquisition torture chamber
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I am sure most of us have heard of the place called hell and wondered if it were true that evil people go there to be punished forever. Some have asked how a God of love could torture people forever. Does it seem logical that the one who is defined as Love personified (1John 4:8, 16) would punish anyone—even evil people—in a tortuous place such as hell where the flame burns forever but never actually destroying the person who dwells in its fire. Surely a God of love, a God of mercy and grace could find a more “humane’ or a more godly way to punish evil people.

Does Scripture actually support the doctrine of an ever-burning hell? Can we know for certain if there is such a place and what will happen to those people who have rejected Jesus and not only so but who have also committed such horrendous crimes against humanity that nothing we could ever do to them would seem to satisfy the demands of justice.

Then there is the matter of those who have honestly considered Jesus as Savior, but for whatever reason rejected him—perhaps even due to false doctrines preached by Christianity, like during the Inquisition for example. What about those who never heard of Jesus? If it is true that eternal life is gained only through Jesus, is it just to punish these people simply because of a lack of missionary personal or evangelists available to reach them?

Who gets punished and who is God able to save? These are questions that have been asked by many people for quite some time. I have addressed them in a series of blogs I have written a while ago. You will find the titles listed below. Click on any one that seems to address a question you might have or that you have heard before but were unable to answer. Perhaps what I have to say will be enough or will lead you to a place in the Bible that will address your question better. May God bless all who come here to read and understand what he says about life’s difficult questions.


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