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What Were the Signs of the End?


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A few days before he was crucified Jesus predicted the complete destruction of the Temple, obviously, the city as well. Part of the city wall was composed of stones that built up part of the Temple complex. Jesus’ disciples were absolutely astonished over his prediction. It was not something they had expected would occur in their lifetimes, let alone ever. When Jesus arrived on Mount Olivet, four of his Apostles took him aside to ask him privately when these things would be, and what would be the sign of his coming and the end of the age (i.e. the Mosaic Covenant). The other Apostles probably remained with other disciples, so that Jesus could be questioned privately about his astonishing remarks. Read the rest of this entry »


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The Destruction of the Temple

Temple destroyed

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The Olivet Discourse was given to the Apostles from Mount Olivet just before Jesus’ crucifixion. Just prior to that discourse, Jesus had a very unfriendly confrontation with the scribes and Pharisees in Matthew 23, and, while he was leaving the Temple compound, he mentioned that the House or the Temple would be a desolation (Matthew 23:37-38). This, of course, astonished the Apostles, and they began to point to the great stones used to build up both the tower and the Temple buildings (Matthew 24:1), but Jesus simply told them once more that not one of those great stones would remain on top of another without having been cast down (Matthew 24:2). Read the rest of this entry »

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A Final Warning


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At this, his final Passover season, Jesus told his listeners to behold the fig tree and all trees. They began to bud at the time of Passover, showing that summer was near (Luke 21:29-30). He used this to signify that, once believers saw the signs of the judgment against Jerusalem and the Temple, they should understand that the time of Jesus’ coming and the Day of the Lord was near (Luke 21:29-31). Moreover, he claimed that everything he predicted about Jerusalem and the Temple would occur in the space of one generation (Luke 21:32; cir. 30-40 years). Read the rest of this entry »


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The Eschatology of the Great Tribulation

Great Tribulation

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Luke tells us in Luke 21:23, “there shall be great distress (G318) in the land…”, but Matthew refers to this time as great tribulation (G2347 – Matthew 24:21), while Mark simply calls it affliction (G2347 – Mark 13:19). Both Matthew and Mark describe this trouble as a sort set apart from all other seasons of history for the Jewish people. There was never a time of trouble quite like this tribulation in the past, nor would there be a season of trouble like it afterward (Matthew 24:21; Mark 13:19). Therefore, this tribulation is unique in the history of the Jews, never to be repeated, which rejects the possibility of it being a type of something ‘greater’ in the future. Read the rest of this entry »

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The Signs of the End

Sign of the End

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According to Luke’s record, the very first sign Jesus offered, showing the end was near was Jerusalem would be surrounded by armies (Luke 21:20). Nothing before that time, whether heavenly signs or wars, persecution or other kinds of trouble, pointed to the time of the end, which is the coming of Christ. Read the rest of this entry »

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False Signs of Jesus’ Coming

False Prophets

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When we first read Luke 21:8, we have to wonder if the Apostles, who knew Jesus personally, could actually be deceived into believing another man was the Messiah. While I don’t believe the Apostles could have been deceived that another person was Jesus, I think, if they weren’t very cautious to consider Jesus’ words carefully, they could have been deceived into believing Jesus’ return to judge Jerusalem would be sooner than it was, and they could have left Judea prematurely without a witness. The text says that many would come in the name of Jesus and declare the time was at hand (Luke 21:8), i.e. the time of the end, or the time of the destruction of Jerusalem and the Temple was at hand. Jesus told the Apostles not to believe such people. Read the rest of this entry »

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Jesus’ Coming in Glory

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I’ve been involved in a study of Matthew 16:27-28, showing that it is a single, united statement about Jesus’ coming in his Kingdom and in the glory of the Father, in order to judge mankind according to their works. The problem for futurists is that they absolutely must divide verse-27 from verse-28 in order to maintain their futurist eschatology, because Jesus emphasizes his coming in the glory of the Father with the words: “there are some standing here who shall not taste of death, until they see the Son of Man come in his Kingdom.” Read the rest of this entry »

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