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The Betrayer and the Lord’s Supper

Lord's Table

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When the time had come, that is, the particular day had arrived in which his final meal with his disciples was to be eaten, Jesus came with the Twelve and told them that he longed for this hour or day to arrive. However, we may need to ask what did he mean? Was he referring to that particular meal that he longed to share with his disciples? Or, did he long for a particular day to arrive and share his final meal with them (Luke 22:15)? It seems to me that Jesus referred to a particular day, as is seen in Luke 12:50. Jesus often spoke of his coming sufferings and death (cf. Matthew 20:17-22; Mark 10: 31-38), and the Gospels point to a specific hour or day that Jesus was destined to face (John 4:34, John 7:6-8, 10, John 10:39-41, John 12:27-28, John 18:11, John 19:30). It was this day that he longed to share with his disciples, those closest to him. Read the rest of this entry »

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Reflections Upon the Lord’s Supper

Passover - With desire I desired

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With great longing, Jesus desired the coming of this Passover day and a final meal with his disciples, before his death (cf. Luke 12:50). His hour had come that he should suffer and die (Luke 22:14-15), yet he longed for this time. Why? Up until this Passover, Israel looked back to a time when God, through Moses, broke the power of Pharaoh and led his people out of bondage. Israel was to kill the lamb they had chosen and sprinkle part of its blood around the lintel and the door posts of their houses (Exodus 12:7). By doing this, the plague of God’s judgment passed over Israel but destroyed the first born of Egypt (Exodus 12:13). This word translated “plague” (negeph, H5063) in Exodus 12:13, is translated “stumbling” in Isaiah 8:14. There it is used in connection with Christ being the Rock of offense and a Stone of stumbling. Read the rest of this entry »


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Did Jesus Eat the Passover Seder?

Passover Seder

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Have you ever heard people say there is a contradiction in the Gospel accounts pertaining to the meal Jesus shared with his disciples just before his crucifixion? It goes something like this: Luke tells us that the Last Supper (i.e. the Passover meal) was eaten on the Passover Feast Day, that is on the Holy Day Sabbath (Luke 22:15), but John tells us the meal Jesus and the disciples shared together was before the Feast Day (cf. John 13:29). In other words, Jesus sent Peter and John to prepare for the Passover (Luke 22:8), which they did (Luke 22:13). Afterward, Jesus and the twelve came and dined (Luke 22:14-15), but John seems to say: “No, the Feast Day and the great meal that was shared on that day was to occur the evening following the meal Jesus and the disciples shared together just before the crucifixion.” Which is it? Read the rest of this entry »

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Secret Plans for Jesus’ Last Meal

Man Carrying Water Jar

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In the course of planning events, at times it is necessary to at least arrange some things secretly. For example, if the President of the United States were to make an appearance in a certain city, his route and destination may be known, but where his protectors (Secret Service Agents) were located would be unknown. Likewise, when Jesus’ life was in danger, he did certain things secretly. For example, when intended to celebrate the Feast of Tabernacles at Jerusalem during the second year of his public ministry, he went there secretly (John 7:10). Moreover, when the Jewish authorities sought to kill Jesus immediately following his raising Lazarus from the dead (John 11:53), he left the vicinity of Jerusalem, and no one knew where he was (John 11:54-57). Read the rest of this entry »

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The Conspiracy Against Jesus

Plot against Jesus

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Luke tells us that Jesus had come to Jerusalem during the Passover season. The Passover occurs in the spring and incorporates two different feast days—the Passover (one day) and the Days of Unleavened Bread (seven days). During the first century AD, the two were often taken together and referred to as a single Feast. In Luke 22:1 the Feast of Unleavened Bread (seven days) is referred to as the Passover, but the day the Passover lamb was killed occurred one day before the Feast of Unleavened bread (cf. Luke 22:7). The Passover Day was celebrated on the 14th day of the first month, while the Feast of Unleavened Bread was celebrated on the 15th to the 21st day of the first month (Leviticus 23:4-8). The first and last of these days were Sabbaths, annual holy days, but not the seventh day Sabbath. Read the rest of this entry »

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Jesus’ Seven Visits to Jerusalem

Jesus Enters Jerusalem

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We cannot know how many visits Jesus actually made to Jerusalem, but we can know how many are specified in the New Testament. Each time the Gospel narratives tell us of Jesus going up to Jerusalem, it was for a purpose, and that purpose was to celebrate one of the Jews’ annual holy days. To be in Jerusalem during one of the holy day seasons meant there would be many pilgrims there to whom Jesus could preach the Gospel of the Kingdom. Josephus tells us that at the time of the Passover, just before the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 AD, there were more than two million pilgrims worshiping in the city.[1] So, one can only imagine how important Jerusalem was for the preaching of the Gospel in the first century AD. Jesus took advantage of great number of pilgrims worshiping there during these seasons and so did the Apostles later, as we are able to understand from the book of Acts. Read the rest of this entry »

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Jesus’ Next Journey to Jerusalem


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Many Biblical scholars believe Jesus’ final journey to Jerusalem began in Luke 9:51. However, in order to maintain this idea, they have to conclude that Luke either uses about nine and one half chapters to show Jesus wandering aimlessly all over the countryside, zigzagging all the way to Jerusalem, and even reversing course to return to Galilee (cf. Luke 17:11), or he places Jesus’ movements in a hodgepodge of seemingly unrelated incidents that took place in various parts of Palestine, having no perceived order in them at all. It is astonishing for me to see how far one will go in order to protect a favorite idea from being disproved, or, perhaps it may be better to say, some scholars have embraced the idea for so long that they believe it must be supported in the Scriptures somewhere. Read the rest of this entry »

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