Is Jesus God?

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from Google Images

These studies are offered with the Jehovah’s Witnesses in mind. Please remember that I do not hold as valid the current opinion in mainstream Christianity that our Christology is the litmus test of one’s Christianity. I believe God is bigger than what any of us conceive him to be.

Like many other Christians I have been asked from time to time if I believed Jesus was truly God. Many people with the best of intentions canvas neighborhoods or greet us on the internet saying that either Jesus is a god or simply divine or just a righteous man. Could this be true, and if not, why do so many otherwise wonderful people believe Jesus could be anyone other than God who had come in the flesh?

Obviously someone must be incorrect in how he views Jesus. We who believe Jesus is God cannot be correct and at the same time allowing others who deny this claim to be correct as well. Political correctness, is just that—a political view seeking to make everyone’s understanding of truth equal. However, like so many other political litmus tests, such a ploy is illogical, because this would render every degree in education useless, for if 2 + 2 could equal anything anyone says it is, what would be the value of anyone’s education? Truth is true, and a lie is a lie, and will always remain such. One cannot make a lie true, simply because one declares it so. Politicians may believe they have great power, but, no one (except God) has the power to make the truth what he “says” it is.

Knowing this, what about those people who tell us Jesus is not really God, but simply divine or a righteous man. Are they really correct, or can it be shown that they are incorrect? Below are some of the studies I have made, using the biblical tools I have available to me. I hope they make as much sense to you as they do to me. May God bless all who read and submit themselves to the guidance of his Spirit.

  1. What Kind of God is Jesus?
  2. And the Word was… Divine!
  3. Were we Purchased with the Blood of God?
  4. Our Great God and Savior, Jesus Christ!
  5. Jesus—Creature or Creator?
  6. Jesus—The Firstborn of God!
  7. The LORD Said Unto My Lord
  8. Jesus and Jehovah
  9. Is Jesus Our Only Master or Our Only Lord?
  10. God Almighty — Old Testament
  11. God Almighty — Jesus
  12. God Almighty — Revelation 4
  13. God Almighty — Revelation 5
  14. Who Appeared to Moses in the Bush?
  15. The Angel of the Lord
  16. The God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob
  17. The Rock of Israel

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