Abraham ~ God’s Model for the Believer

(From Google Images)

(From Google Images)

James tells us that Abraham was called the ‘friend of God’ (James 2:23), which may be a reference to Isaiah 42:8 where God is speaking and refers to Israel as his servant, the descendent of Abraham his (God’s) friend. Looking back on Abraham’s life, many of us view his beginning as a sluggish launch into a relationship with God, but was it really that way? I believe a closer look might offer us a different conclusion, because God never mentions Abraham’s sluggishness or gives us any impression that he was unhappy with is response or his later progress. We are the ones who judge Abraham’s walk with God and read negative issues into his relationship with God.

I believe the call of Abraham is a picture of the call of the believer by God. How often do we criticize our little children when they are learning to walk? As they are moving from one piece of furniture to another, do we voice our criticism or do we yell out our praises for the little one’s courage and initiative—often urging him or her to take one more step, even placing a small piece of furniture between our child and us so he or she can make it all the way to mom or dad? Isn’t that what we do? Yet, we seem to enjoy criticizing Abraham’s walk with God—his going down to Egypt, and his half truth about Sarah being his sister. Why do we do that? God doesn’t!

Below are some related blog posts that have to do with Abraham’s call, and how God treated him and encouraged him. I believe the events in Abraham’s life that are described in the Bible are put there to encourage us in our own walk with God. I hope the reader will join me in considering a different perspective of Abraham—at least different from any one of the many commentaries I’ve read about him.


Note: Although I take full responsibility for the direction of this series of studies, my blogs on Abraham are based upon a Bible study series I found on line at The Officers’ Christian FellowshipI used the study of “Abraham” found on the site’s Bible Studies page for my Sunday School at my church. Some of the content of my blogs are taken directly from Dr. Thomas L. Constable, Notes on Genesis, (published by Sonic Light,

  1. Genesis 12 ~ Abram’s Call
  2. Genesis 12 ~ The Call of God
  3. Genesis 12 ~ The Call of the World
  4. Genesis 13 ~ The Wilderness Experience
  5. Genesis 13 ~ Living in the World
  6. Genesis 14 ~ Overcome by the World!
  7. Genesis 14 ~ The Believer’s War
  8. Genesis 14 ~ Abram in Victory
  9. Genesis 15 ~ Questions and God’s Promise
  10. Genesis 15 ~ How Shall I Know?
  11. Genesis 16 ~ Faulting Abraham Without Cause
  12. Genesis 16 ~ The Blessing of Ishmael
  13. Genesis 17 ~ Abram and Sarai Renamed
  14. Genesis 17 ~ The Second Covenant
  15. Genesis 17 ~ Circumcision and Its Application Today
  16. Genesis 18 ~ The Laughter of Abraham and Sara
  17. Genesis 18 ~ Prayer Changes Things
  18. Genesis 18 ~ Friendship with God
  19. Genesis 19 ~ Friendship with the World
  20. Genesis 19 ~ Take my Daughters – Please!
  21. Genesis 19 ~ Worldly Believers and Salvation
  22. Genesis 20 ~ Dwelling Among the gods
  23. Genesis 20 ~ Deception and Truth
  24. Genesis 21 ~ The Laughter of God’s People
  25. Genesis 21 ~ Rivalry in Abraham’s Household
  26. Genesis 21 ~ The Blessing of Endurance
  27. Genesis 21 ~ The Schemes of Hagar
  28. Genesis 21 ~ The Banishment of Hagar
  29. Genesis 21 ~ Covenants Made and Kept
  30. Genesis 22 ~ The Value of God’s Tests
  31. Genesis 22 ~ Abraham’s Ultimate Test
  32. Genesis 22 ~ What Did Abraham Sacrifice to God?
  33. Genesis 22 ~ The Relationship of Abraham and Isaac
  34. Genesis 22 ~ The Role of Tests in our Lives
  35. Genesis 22 ~ The Altars of Abraham
  36. Genesis 23 ~ Death’s Testimony of Faith
  37. Genesis 23 ~ Trusting God While Living in the World
  38. Genesis 23 ~ The Value of Principles to Our Faith
  39. Genesis 24 ~ Choosing a Bride for Isaac
  40. Genesis 24 ~ Seeking God’s Will
  41. Genesis 24 ~ The Unnamed Servant and the Bride

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