Christmas Time!

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Although it may not be Christmas time, I decided to create a page containing blogs about Jesus’ birth, both old and new. I hope what I have to say helps anyone who reads to understand the time surrounding the birth of Jesus a little better and perhaps see the coming of our Lord and Savior in a manner that draws one to him. The Christmas season (if it is that time of year), after all, is supposed to be about him. Is it not?

Nevertheless, whether or not it is the Christmas season, I wish  blessings from God and a joyous walk with Jesus to anyone who reads this. If you care to know more about the coming of Jesus and the events surrounding his birth or simply reflect upon what you already know, click on one or more of the studies below. They all open up into a new window.


Posts Concerning Herod:

Posts Concerning Mary and the Virgin Birth

Posts Concerning Jesus and and Events Surrounding his Birth

From My Study in Luke:
Posts Concerning December 25th and Jesus’ Childhood:

One response to “Christmas Time!

  1. patovilla72

    March 24, 2020 at 03:48

    The Birth of Isho.
    Where should we be searching to find the answer? Outside the word or right in the word?
    What area could be inspired by the Lord and which one not?
    Definitely the word of the Lord is always true and will not mislead us with the wrong answers but other writers could.
    So we should look for the answers that we are trying to obtain by perusing His word.
    He wants us to trust Him and to rely in His guidance so we could find Him because He is the “TRUTH.”
    Sometimes He is not very direct with His information but He wants us to work for it and He gives us clues and pieces here and there, like a jigsaw puzzle, that we should find and we should put them together to get the picture. By doing this, we will be able to get to know Him better. He wants us to spend time with “his word” and no others that do not represent the truth.
    Take this approach and you’ll discover that puzzle that is not a secret, it may seem so, but you could find it in His word.
    And then, the “TRUTH” will set you free.
    Peace be with you, brother.


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