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Can Evil Be Made to Destroy Evil?

In Acts 19 Luke related a strange story about a Jewish high priest and his sons—seven in all (Acts 19:13-20). At first glance this strange story seems to place the power of God over against the power of magic, because the result of it all was many who became believers of the Gospel at Ephesus brought their own books of the curious arts, which they had used before they came to the faith, and burned everything as a testimony to their friends and family, who didn’t believe (Acts 19:18-19). However, is this really all about magic not being as powerful as the Gospel? Read the rest of this entry »

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Corinth and Aquila and Priscilla

The city of Corinth was little more than 100 years old when Paul visited there. The original city had been destroyed in a revolt against Rome in 146 BCE, but rebuilt about a century later by Julius Caesar in 44 BCE. It was one of the greatest commercial centers in the Empire, being situated along a small 3 ½ mile isthmus connecting the northern and southern Grecian mainland, as well as being a valuable naval center for ships on the Adriatic Sea traveling east to the Aegean Sea and then eastward through the Mediterranean Sea or northward to the Black Sea. It was to this busy international commercial center that Paul came from Athens, a journey of about 37 miles, to preach the Gospel. Read the rest of this entry »

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The ‘Men from James’

Awhile back (HERE), I wrote about these men from James who came to Antioch claiming the gentiles there couldn’t be saved, unless they were circumcised (Acts 15:1). In the next few blog posts I wish to offer a slightly different but a more dangerous perspective on the efforts of these men. First of all, their argument made logical sense, and this only made the danger of their scheme more difficult to detect. Nevertheless, logic is only as good as the knowledge upon which it is based. Think about it, the Jewish religion was the only religion on the face of the earth that was begun by God. Why shouldn’t the Jews believe gentiles needed to become Jews to be saved? Isn’t that similar to what is believed by Christians today? Don’t we believe one must become a Christian to be saved? If we believe this way, why would it be so unreasonable for Jews to believe that way too? Read the rest of this entry »

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A Sure Word of Prophecy?

Who is willing to admit error? In recent months we have heard that the world was about to come to an end—at least as we know it. Well May 21st has come and gone, but no one is willing to admit error. It seems the prognosticator was only a few months off, it is really October 21st! So, did he really make an error? Well, yes he did, and the Bible tells us about folks who do this kind of thing, but that’s another subject perhaps for another blog. Read the rest of this entry »

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Will You Be Made Whole?

In John 5:6 Jesus asked an impotent man if he wanted to be made whole. On the surface, this is almost a silly question. Why wouldn’t the man wish to be made whole? Well, Jesus’ question goes much deeper than this simple observation. The man was crippled for 38 years. He claims he had no one who would help him (John 5:7), but obviously his basic needs were met by someone. Read the rest of this entry »

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Inspired—But not Without Error!

Many folks believe that the Bible is both inspired and without error, and I agree. However, though most folks who believe in the inspiration of Christian literature would say it is not on equal terms with the Bible (i.e. not without error), many of them would bend over backwards to keep from admitting error in Christian literature, as long as that literature says what they have always believed. In other words, the Christian literature that “I” consider inspired is without error. My question would be—is there any difference in saying this and elevating otherwise normal Christian literature to the status of the Biblical manuscripts? Read the rest of this entry »


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Did Mary Believe in Jesus’ Ministry?

This posting represents another in my ongoing discussion with a gentleman by the name of Arthur. He takes the position that Mary didn’t believe in Jesus’ ministry and withdrew her support for him. While I believe it was difficult for Mary to understand all that was occurring and everything that was said about her Son, I don’t believe she was unsupportive. She did what she could. It would be wrong of us to expect more than that from her. Other posts in this discussion can be found HERE, HERE and HERE. Below you will find Arthur’s words in bold italic to distinguish them from my replies. Read the rest of this entry »


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