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Premillennialism–Kingdom Postponed

Historic-PreMillennialismMany Premillennial scholars tell us that, because the Jews rejected Jesus as their Messiah, God postponed the Kingdom, and for nearly 2000 years we still await its establishment at Christ’s Second Coming. When Jesus does finally return, so they say, he will set up his literal Kingdom at literal Jerusalem and physically reign from there for 1000 years. Notice what theologian and author Dr. John Phillips says: Read the rest of this entry »

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Fighting Jesus for the Kingdom

Kingdom suffers violence

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In Luke 14:15 we are told that a man spoke out claiming they who dine in God’s Kingdom are truly blessed. This man was probably a rabbi, or at least another Pharisee, and  what probably prompted him to speak of eating bread in the Kingdom of God was that Jesus implied wrongdoing on their parts as guests in the home of the chief Pharisee. Moreover, Jesus implied that even their host acted inappropriately and wouldn’t be blessed in the Kingdom. It was in this context that the man spoke out (Luke 14:7). No doubt, he considered his place in the Kingdom of God was a given, simply because he was a Jew (cf. Luke 3:8; Ezekiel 33:24). Read the rest of this entry »

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The Parable of the Mustard Seed

mustard seed and birds

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It is commonly thought by Bible scholars, although not by all, that the Parable of the Mustard Seed (Luke 13:18) is about the spreading out of the Gospel, no doubt, because Jesus mentions the plant as a metaphor for the Kingdom of God. The problem with this understanding is context. Jesus uttered the parable in the presence of both his enemies and those who are normally impressed with what he says and does (Luke 13:14-17). Read the rest of this entry »

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Good and Evil in God’s Kingdom

Treasure - 1

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In Luke 12:29-30 Jesus told his disciples not to doubt that our Father knows what we need. We are not to act like the nations whose lives are dictated by the necessities of life. No matter what the undertaking, a nation or its leaders will not make a move without knowing that they could reasonably expect success in that project. And, the planning of that undertaking would be dictated by an adequate supply of food and drink, and tools necessary for its successful completion. Read the rest of this entry »

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Interrupting Jesus!


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While Jesus was teaching his own disciples in the presence of an innumerable multitude (Luke 12:1), he was interrupted by a bystander (Luke 12:13). The man asked Jesus to arbitrate between him and his brother concerning an inheritance. Contextually, their father had died. The problem is, is the man’s question legitimate or has he been put up to it by one of the rabbis? The man’s question could be legitimate, because this thing was often done among the ancient Jews, hoping a rabbi could bring about a judicious settlement between quarreling members of a family. On the other hand, it is probably more likely that the man was a disciple of one of the rabbis, and the rabbi sought to discredit Jesus. Read the rest of this entry »

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Living in the Presence of the Enemy

Enemies - 2We need to keep in mind that all the events described in chapters 11 and 12 of Luke’s Gospel occurred in the context of the disciples coming to Jesus and asking him to teach them to pray (Luke 11:1). The context of the model prayer is not to acquire our own personal needs, because our heavenly Father already knows about them, and, as a good Father, he will take care of them without our having to ask. Rather, the context of Jesus’ model prayer is our request for the Kingdom of God to come and for God to rule here as he does in heaven (Luke 11:2). Read the rest of this entry »

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Jesus’ Three Arguments

Casting out demons

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When his enemies had accused him of being in league with the Devil, because he was able to do the impossible, Jesus exposes the feebleness of their accusation by presenting three arguments, by offering his adversaries three possible scenarios. The first is an illogical argument on their part that Jesus used demonic power to advance his goals. Jesus second argument left his antagonists without an argument to support their own activities in the realm of spiritual warfare. Finally, Jesus showed in the parable of the Strong Man that Jesus was stronger than Satan, and was dismantling his kingdom, showing that Jesus was the Messiah. Read the rest of this entry »

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