The Parables of Jesus and the Last Days

Parables of Jesus - 2The parables of Jesus are an interesting subject. They were given as a result of the Jews’ rejection of Jesus. In other words, the parables were preached to a closed minded people. They have a two-fold purpose. On the one hand they reveal the secrets of the Kingdom of God to “those who have ears to hear,” but on the other hand, they have the effect of hiding the secrets of the Kingdom of God from those whose minds are closed to the truth.

Below are a number of studies of mine, which nearly always aren’t wholly mine. I have based them upon, and they follow the sequence of, a You Tube video series, The Eschatology of the Parables of Jesus, presented by Dr. Don Preston. They don’t interpret all of the content of the parables, nor do I mention every parable. I was interested only in the eschatology of the parables themselves, and, quite frankly, not every parable speaks of the last days, so I left those out. With this in mind, I hope the reader will enjoy these studies, as much as I enjoyed studying them and deriving content from Dr. Preston’s work.

  1. It Is Not Given for Them to Understand
  2. Bringing in the Day of the Lord
  3. The Strong Delusion of False Doctrine
  4. Preaching to Closed Minds
  5. Bookends of Meaning in the Parables
  6. What Occurs at the End of the World?
  7. In What Age Did Jesus Live?
  8. John as Elijah
  9. Understanding the Parables
  10. Jesus Interpreting Daniel
  11. Did the Apostles Understand?
  12. ‘The End Times’ Context
  13. Jesus’ Words and Revelation 14
  14. Jesus’ Words and Israel’s Feast Days
  15. The Parable of the Wicked Tenants
  16. Martyr Vindication
  17. The Rejected Stone
  18. The Messianic Temple
  19. Is ‘Oops’ in God’s Vocabulary?
  20. The Wedding Feast
  21. Jesus’ Source for the Wedding Motif
  22. Why Postpone the Wedding?
  23. The Unity of the Olivet Discourse
  24. The Banquet and the Resurrection
  25. The Wedding and the New Creation
  26. Matthew 22 and Revelation
  27. Jesus Gave them Signs
  28. The Destruction of the Temple
  29. What Were the Signs of the End?
  30. The Great Commission a Sign of the End
  31. The Judge Is at the Door!
  32. Is Israel the Fig Tree?
  33. The Bridegroom Comes
  34. The Midnight Call and Romans 13
  35. Let Your Lamps Be Burning
  36. The Day and the Hour
  37. The Absent Master
  38. He Shall Sit on the Throne
  39. Judgment of the Nations
  40. Gathering in the Valley of Decision
  41. Judgment at the End of the Age
  42. Eternal Inheritance
  43. In the Fullness of Time

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