The End Times

End Time

from Google Images

The “End Times” is a very interesting subject, but it is often abused by newspaper exegets. Many folks today want to project what they read in the newspaper onto the Biblical text and tell us the end is near. Well, such tactics simply fall short (putting it as kindly as possible). The studies below are place here, because they aren’t specifically found in a Biblical book like Daniel or the Apocalypse. While they may speak about the same things found in those texts, these studies are derived elsewhere, so they end up here. I may or may add to this list as time permits, or I may not. I’m involved presently more involved in the study of the Apocalypse, and that is fairly time consuming enough. However, if one’s interest is peaked by “the end times” one might be interested in my AD 70 Eschatology Page.

May the Lord bless all who come here. If you have comments or questions, I’ll try to be as prompt and as helpful as possible.


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